About HJS

HJ Studio is a boutique-sized firm having broad and varied experience with modern home interiors, private residential homes & commercial projects across India which articulates into catering to a mixed set of clients.

Thanks to the deep expertise of the Studio; Space, Materials, Forms & Colours are molded in an innovative way for both small & large surfaces with outstanding attention to detail. HJ Studio pursues an approach of continuous exploration & logical clarity.

HJ Studio follows a step program, which starts with the clients brief, innovativeness in both design and exploration of materials, constructability & budgets are carefully resolved and refined in a poetic solution that seeks to engage human perception. This results in sensually sculpted designs that speak of intimacy and identity all at once.

Our continuous search for excellence and uncompromising attention to fine-finishing has elicited invaluable praises from clients and are testaments of the passion we have for our craft.